"And I will say ありがとう ただいま じゃあね

[amazarashi - 未来づくり]


Anonymous asked
Have you ever had any problems with encountering large bugs and insects in Japan? I've read about giant hornets, the mukade, giant huntsman spiders, and am nervous about encountering them (especially the spiders since I'm arachnophobic. I've only encountered spiders the size of a quarter here)

So far I was lucky within the 9 weeks I stayed in Japan in total. I also heard about them, but I didn’t find them. But I never went to Japan in summer. I just heard they had to close Yoyogi park in Tokyo because of dangerous mosquitoes. My best friend sommerroad also showed me her mosquito bites from this summers trip to Japan. 

If you ever go to Japan: may the odds be ever in your favor ;)

Songs which remind me about my trips to Japan:

COLDRAIN - No Escape

torei asked
How do you afford your trips to japan? do you just save up? From the US it's about $4000 American dollars, and I've been wanting to go

Yeah, even as a student I saved as much as I could every month for my 2 weeks trip in 2012. Now I got a job, so it’s easier to save money. This year’s 4 weeks trip to japan cost me like $4400 American dollars in total. I payed around $1150 for a direct flight from Frankfurt to Narita with Japan airlines. Like a sir ;)

JAPAN GUIDE: Don’t Dream, Just Go

In my opinion it’s a nice advertising of Thomas Köhlers travel agency (Switzerland) which can also encourage others to start their planning for a trip to Japan.

I’m thinking about working together with Thomas for my next trip to Japan next year. 

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